PHP Swiftmailer version 5 supports DKIM signing

DKIMHello techies,

It’s not written in the manuals,… but PHP Swiftmailer 5 is supported DKIM signing,… it’s real… you can sign your email messages with DKIM signing

Last night I upgraded my Swiftmailer version 4 to version 5 and implemented the DKIM signing into my PHP application.  Sure there was a reason for doing that because Microsoft Machine Learning Postmaster Policies didn’t accept my as a friendly emailer !

For sure this is a new way & trick every PHP enthousiast using Swiftmailer in the world wants to know HOW i did this….. and I am gonna tell you…

Here is the code


// variables

$subject = ‘DKIM Signing with Swiftmailer’;
$message = ‘Upgraded Swiftmailer to 5 for using DKIM signing’;
$html = true   // send message as HTML utf-8 as Unicode

// These 5 rules made it happen, add or replace somewhere in your code

// DKIM Signer
$privateKey = file_get_contents(‘path ./ to your private domainkey pem file’);
$domainName = ‘’;
$selector = ‘default’;
$signer = new Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner($privateKey, $domainName, $selector);

// CALL Swift_SignedMessage instead Swift_Message
$message = Swift_SignedMessage::newInstance($subject, $message, $html, ‘utf-8’);

//DMARC records // Set up a DNS record for DMARC in your DNS zone

// DKIM Signer Attached

The send your email with the normal Swift code  (Don’t forget To, From etc etc)  Voila….and go with the DKIM flow

The emailing world is a little bit saver with this code


Sending emails to Hotmail, Outlook or Live…. It’s al about your reputation 1

If you want to sent email with your own emailserver to an Hotmail, Live or Outlook accounts and it’s not received by that accounts (also not in their SPAM box) ??

Then you need reputation or better grow your reputation to sky high…

When sending emails to these account with your own emailserver then make sure your setup SPF records, DKIM records and DMARC records in your DNS and configure your emailserver to use SPF and DKIM  (I don’t go rather into this issue because you have many emailserver software !, you have to read your docs from your supplier)

But how to put it in the DNS I can tell you…

First add an SPF record in your DNS, then DKIM and after that a DMARC record

example my own domain where domain to fill by yourself  (I use a second mirror mail server) (REPLACE my domainname if you are using the examples !!!)

SPF =  TXT  v=spf1 a mx ptr -all

More info (or create one) about SPF records here

DKIM is a special one because you need to configure your emailserver to use DKIM (if possible)   DKIM is using a public and private key but I suppose you emailserver software will have a wizard for that !  The public key is what you need for configure your DNS record… here is mine  (there is no secret for it!)

DKIM = (*default)  TXT   v=DKIM1; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDbv3oFkXUa/xEMN8LLx6r2/rlNMnc8vNQsRe1FlBEPEMjIFB+qzU7bHTGp/ws4aq/8hwHnB4BSqm017rpvZrBr0VOE4NgyabshADI0CJqq+wnaFYK38a0A/pTK/WL2nGNVT6kbzh4aq7fTVL8wvGuTUt9PAKY2Op2t2rOea1+rYQIDAQAB

(*default is what you want and configured) and after these two you can setup your DMARC records in DNS, mine is

DMARC =   TXT   v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; pct=5;

If you have setup this records and configure your email server and check it here,…..then you can work on your reputation at Microsoft !

Need more info for working on your reputation… this is the needed URL and

Oh and don’t forget the SDSN and Junk Mail Program you will find in the URL, hope they can help you telling exactly know how the emails from Outlook, Hotmail and Live are working..

Now I need to work on my reputation again because some people doesn’t receive my email….. I am in a heavy email conversation with Microsoft Deliverability Support, to work on my reputation…. moving some blockings on my IP numbers !!!!


Please note that lifting the block does not guarantee that your email will be delivered to a user’s inbox. However, here are some things that can help you with delivery:

  • Join the Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP)

We believe that your recipients are the best indicator that the email you are sending is wanted. The JMRP program allows you to see which of your emails users have marked as junk or unwanted mail. Reviewing the results in JMRP will provide to the most direct information on what characteristics of your email, customers, and ultimately SmartScreen®, consider to be unwanted. This helpful feedback mechanism allows you to ensure that mails being sent from your IP are not resulting in negative feedback that could impact your sending reputation. Being vigilant about users who mark your e-mail as unwanted or the types of messages that are being marked as unwanted can help you keep mailing lists updated with only interested users and modify future campaigns. In addition, monitoring user complaints can help you identify unintended mail traffic or detect a potentially compromised account sending unwanted mail to your customers. Enroll at

  • Join the Smart Network Data Services program (SNDS)

The SNDS program provides data about traffic seen originating from your registered IP, such as mail volume and complaint rates. The data is built from the log files of the inbound mail machines and other servers at and Microsoft and represents factual information about the traffic from your mail servers to users. This is a service that helps legitimate email senders work with their customers and partners to reduce spam originating from their IP.  This program allows a sender to monitor the ‘health’ of their IPs.  For more information about this free program refer to To register, please go to (Tip: As part of the enrollment process, you are asked to sign the JMRP program agreement and then send a response to Support indicating that it has been signed. It’s not uncommon for that step in the enrollment process to be missed.)

NOTE:  The SNDS tool and/or enrollment in the JMRP will not allow emails from your mail servers to bypass our filters, these are in place to help legitimate companies deliver their emails to customers.

  • Apply for the Sender Score Certified Mail program
    If you are doing all the above and you continue to have deliverability issues, you may wish to consider joining the Sender Score Certified Mail Program, a third party program administered by Return Path, Inc. Many legitimate mailers and marketers have qualified and joined this program to improve mail deliverability and decrease email from being filtered to the Junk E-mail Folder. Sender Score ( is the only service to which we subscribe

The troubleshooting steps in this email are recommendations only. Microsoft makes no guarantees that following these steps will guarantee deliverability to Hotmail, MSN,, or customers.

For more detailed information about best sending practices to users, please review the following white paper:

Information about Google’s Postmaster

Good Luck



STEMS files let me buy a NI Traktor S8

I am really excited….


Today I bought my first Native Instruments Traktor S8 DJ Controller for playing with the STEMS files… and I loved it

OK I know it’s also possible with the Midi Fighter Twister with the correct mappings but this time I want it all….

With the special introduction price I looked into my wallet and found somewhere there 1000 euro’s to buy…

In a short time you will notice my mixes are mixed with STEMS files…  You have to wait because first I wanna play with my new tool…



Microsoft doesn’t eat an Apple !

Microsoft-vs-AppleAfter the upgrade to Windows 10 on my Notebook the Itunes latest version didn’t recognise my Ipod Touch anymore !

With Windows 10 I have some several problems with USB devices… On my notebook I have 3 USB3 ports and 1 USB2…

The best way to solve the problems between the upgrade Windows 10 and Apple Itunes is to deinstall Itunes complete and after download the Itunes 12 latest version install Itunes again

SOLVED all my problems with Apple Iphone, Touch and Ipad….

Still Microsoft doesn’t eat an Apple or visa versa….!!!!

Let’s start with WordPress and stay with IT !

CMS-Wordpress11Hi there,

After more then 30 years working in Information Technology, and with more time now available, I decided to install a clean new WordPress website.

The purpose of this new website is “to keep it in the air” ?  What do I mean with that slogan, well…  I installed in the years several websites for my own use but after some time I lost my intrest and delete then that website !!!!

I installed WordPress several times, more then once DotNetNuke, Joomla, OCPortal, Frontpage sites,  and others CMS systems just for fun and deleted again with the same fun ! I noticed that I never made the time available to maintenance my websites…. or add some articles on it… and then delete the whole website again.

So this time I decided to let this WordPress site online and fill it with some intrested articles.  First off all I searched for a good looking and customing skin for WordPress…. and now you are looking to the amazing Customizr Pro theme

I add some categories to the site where I could believe to tell some intresting knowledge articles.

First thing to tell is about my English language in writing and speaking…   I never learned this on school !!!! so its bad till today… but when I read I understand ?
I am explaining more about my life in the About Me page on this site, go there for more personal info

This site, page and skin are under heavy construction !!!!